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About Us

AMSC was established in 1998. For the last 19 years we are producing very good results. An institute is growing from the small sapling to a giant tree with blessings of God, hard work and sincerity towards the profession and by keeping a human concern with our students. It is an association of such talented and dedicated teachers who have produced excellent results in the various Entrance Exams.

AMSC has a clear–cut programme of studies. We complete the courses as per schedule printed to the best of satisfaction of the students. We teach the students to the best of our capabilities, arrange difficulty classes where a student is free to ask any question from the teacher to clarify his/her doubts. We give home assignment and discuss them in classroom. We conduct test on objective and subjective patterns regularly on consistence basis and discuss the test papers in classrooms. The results of the test are mailed/WhatsApp/SMS to the parents to acquaint them with the progress of their wards Parents can meet Managing Director on any day with prior appointment.

AMSC vision focuses on nourishing your energy and aptitudes to make you complete winner. You are moving towards the career of immense pride professionalism and prudence. Our Objective is to sharpen your edges by Enhancing your potential to touch the highest standards of excellence.